Prescription movies

Do you feel confused by the way other people treat you and frankly you're exhausted and feel hard done by because you're the one who's lost out especially when it comes to love or maybe you've just lost your direction and need to put things into perspective in order to move forward?
The purpose of prescription movies is to provide you with a way to answer questions around why things aren't turning out well which is leaving you hurt or puzzled when you're around others so that you can make your own way in life.

So how does it work

Think of this process as though you're putting yourself into the shoes of the characters so they can provide you with an insight into what's going on and as it's something that you do for yourself outside of confiding in close ones who may not always understand your heartache or have a biased opinion this will evoke feelings within you that aim to help you connect with the reasons why you're feeling the way you do through the safety that movies provide.

To get started fill in the short form and process your payment, we will then come back to you with a series of further questions and then prescribe an appropriate movie title for you to access yourself together with guidelines on how to watch it and use it so you can gain some clarity.